About Us

Sculptures Agency is an creative booking agency based in Atlanta, GA. The agency was established in late 2009 after a lengthy development phase.  Founder, Steven Christopher has spent over 20 years working in the Entertainment, Fashion, & Marketing businesses.  Working alongside many of the industry’s finest in the aforementioned fields, Sculptures Agency capitalizes on strong business ethics and the power of relationships.

Our business scope covers talent representation and booking work for models, thespians, and creative artists. We also work closely with several casting companies to ensure that the revolving door of opportunity remains in motion.

Conceptually, Sculptures Agency was created as a platform for art to truly imitate life, as we “sculpt” our talent to the fit the superior mold. The superior mold being defined as “a versatile space of success and comfort within the business”, our over 40 years of combined experience is easily defined for our clientele.  We enjoy every opportunity to build the right bridges for our client base!

Although Sculptures Agency is based in Atlanta, GA, we book talent globally and represent clients in the major U.S. cities.

This is a Creative Agency that defines and exemplifies every shade of life’s beauty through human Sculptures.

They say we are made in His image.

And we thank Him.

-Founder, Steven Christopher

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